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For the driver, the speaker is best mounted under the dash and to the right of the steering column.

The goose neck microphone should be installed on the driver-side pillar between the driver’s door and the windshield. It’s necessary for the head of the microphone to be adjusted so that it is only a few inches from the mouth of the driver.


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On/Off Switch

This is a simple push button switch that is installed under the dash so the driver can turn the system off. This is connected to the ignition switch so it doesn’t drain the battery when the vehicle is not in use.

The Module or Brain

This is the small electronic box that runs the voice amplification system. It should be mounted under the dash and be as accessible as possible. The brain is connected to the vehicle’s electrical wiring harness that was originally installed by the  vehicle’s manufacturer. This is what powers the speakers and microphones. There are jacks on the brain that are used to plug in the speakers and microphones. On the brain are two small screws used to adjust the sound from the front and rear microphones.

Microphone and Speaker Location

Because of different style vehicles, it is important the installer locate all airbags in the vehicle before beginning installation.

The main function of the voice amplification system is to enhance the driver’s voice to other passengers in the vehicle. As the driver is facing forward, it’s hard for his/her voice to be heard by passengers behind the driver’s seat. As the passengers in the rear are facing towards the driver, less amplification is needed from the rear to the driver.

The two rear speakers should be placed on the back corners of the vehicle and angled toward the center.

The two passenger microphones should be placed in the vehicle’s ceiling near the back doors.

Now that the speakers and microphones have been installed two people (one in the front seat and one in the rear) working outdoors with the doors and windows shut and the engine running should take turns in adjusting the volume controls. Please see the attached diagram.

Please Note

This voice amplification system is designed for professional installation. It’s understood that the installer is competent and understands a vehicle wiring system and adheres to all safety precautions. WhadUSay, LLC is not responsible for errors in the installation of the system, damages to the electrical system or other parts of the vehicle due to an improper installation.