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MEDIA RELEASE: 07/31/2014

Atlanta Based WhadUSay?, LLC Announces
Exclusive Relationship with
United Kingdom’s Wolfelec LTD

Atlanta, GA (July 31, 2014) Atlanta, GA. based WhadUSay?, LLC announced today that it has entered into a business relationship with Wolfelec LTD. from the United Kingdom.  Wolfelec has a long history of manufacturing voice amplification systems (VAS) and intercoms for a variety of vehicles.  These devices dramatically improve voice communications between drivers and passengers.  In addition to the improvement in verbal communications they provide additional safety as the driver never has to turn their head away from the windshield to communicate.

WhadUSay? Is proud to become the exclusive distributor of Wolfelec products in the USA. Charles Wing, President of WhadUSay? said that with the increase in the use of vans and SUVs in the US; a major increase in the number of people with hearing impairments; an increase in road noise and other factors it has made it more difficult for drivers and passengers to have good verbal communications.  The WhadUSay? VAS solves those problems by offering a seven piece kit comprised of microphones, speakers and an amplifier that can be easily installed without causing and cosmetic or warranty problems with your vehicle.

The Marketing and PR Director for WhadUSay?, Mark Weiss noted that there are approximately 48,000,000 people in the US who have some form of hearing loss. “Our WhadUSay? VAS and intercom system will facilitate and improve the ease of two-way communications and make it easier for people who are hearing challenged to be actively involved.

In addition to the VAS/Intercom systems, effective immediately WhadUSay? Is also offering for the first time a hearing loop system for people with a T-Coil switch attached to their hearing aid.  

All of WhadUSay products can be found on its web site, www.whadusay.com or by ordering through the eBay website (www.eBay.com) and searching for

hearing/listening amplification/intercom systems for vehicles.

For additional company, product and sales information about WhadUSay, please visit the company’s website at www.WhadUSay.com or email Chuck Wing.

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